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Choosing the right CAM for your application

5th Apr 2018

Hawks offers several different cams from COMP, Brian Tolley Racing, Texas Speed as well as the Hawks custom cams. We also have the ability to help choose a custom grind cam specific for your application.

A few important points: Each type of power adder is different and so are the cams that work best with them. Variables such as boost pressure or nitrous jetting must be taken into consideration to ensure consistent performance.

Nitrous creates a lot of cylinder heat and requires more exhaust duration to help evacuate the cylinder.

Superchargers also increase cylinder heat and tend to work more efficiently with a wider lobe separation.

Turbocharger technology has come a long way. Again, many variables should be considered, but in general you don’t need a very large cam. Turbo cams in fact, should have less exhaust duration than a N/A cam.

With performance cars it's never about one specific part. To get maximum power from your car it's important to consider all the pieces. Confused? Call the experts with 18+ years of experience in high performance cars at Hawks and let us help you pick the best CAM or other high performance part for your application. Call 864-855-2694 1-5 EST Mon-Friday or email with any questions.