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Chris Petroskie's 1991 Formula


Project Appreciation

  • 1991 Formula
  • Refinished GTA Wheels
  • Subframe Connectors
  • SLP Intake Runners
  • Suspension Upgrade

Updated Sept 19, 2007:  Chris passed away September 17th. He had such a passion for the F-body cars and was a dear friend to us. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family always & forever.

This is Chris Petroskie's 1991 Formula. Chris actually purchased this car from us about two years ago as a project car. It wasn't just a project car for him. It was a long wished project that his father & him and dreamed about doing years ago. However Chris had been diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma a few years back and this halted his project most recently when he was to be hospitalized back in March. Chris wasn't just a customer of ours but also a friend that we met through the ACFA (Atlanta Camaro & Firebird Association). When we heard about his time he was going to be in the hospital, we teamed up with Dan the President of the ACFA and some of the other members to help finish this project. It was to be a surprise and THAT it was. We presented his Formula to him on May 13, 2006 in Social Circle, GA. We enjoyed this project so much and being able to do it for such a wonderful person made it ten times better. With all the help from the ACFA and all the weekends we all sacrificed, Chris you solely deserved it! We love you!!