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Firebird 87-90 GTA Emblem Set, Black


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Superior quality GM Licensed reproductions of the various Cloisonne' emblems used on the 1987 to 1990 Pontiac Trans Am GTA are now available. All emblems on these cars have been painstakingly reproduced to exactly duplicate the originals. The quality of these reproduction emblems is stunning. In fact, these reproductions are too perfect in that they do not have the flaws and color variations found in the factory original emblems. These flaws were due to the manufacturing process, which involved the hand crafting of the emblems by a small custom jewelry maker. Installation instructions are provided below to aid you in your application of these premium quality emblems to your vehicle's clear coat paint finish.

Remove any previously applied emblems using a hair dryer and fishing line/dental floss. Adhesive that remains on the paint may be removed with either 3M Brand Adhesive Remover or WD-40 and a soft cloth. Clean the surface with a few drops of grease-cutting liquid detergent in water (do not use a petroleum base cleaner). Rinse clean with fresh water then dry with a lint-free cloth. Wiping surface with denatured alcohol will also help remove any contamination and enhance the adhesion process. Place a protective padded towel or rubber mat under the location you plan to work so if you inadvertently drop the emblem, no damage will result. Once you have identified the exact location to apply your emblem, place the GTA emblem face down on a soft cloth and remove the adhesive protection paper. Carefully pick your emblem up by the edges and press the edges into place with constant even pressure. Finally press the entire emblem onto your vehicle's surface using direct even pressure. Maximum adhesion will occur within 48-72 hours. Enjoy your work and the new overall appearance this premium quality emblem provides.

Set includes a gift box with:

One Nose Emblem ..
2 x New "PONTIAC" GOLD headlamp emblem. .. one for a spare
Two Fender Emblems
Two sail panel Emblems.
One tail lamp panel emblem. 
Officially Licenced Emblems are all supplied with the correct double-sided tape for easy installation and an installation position guide as well.

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