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 2001 Camaro SS STS TURBO

  • 2001 Camaro SS
  • STS 8lb Remote Turbo kit (adjustable from 5-10lbs)
  • Adjustable Boost Controller
  • Custom Front Mounted Intercooler Designed by Hawks
  • MAC headers and Y-pipe
  • Custom Dyno Tuned
  • 503 RWHP, 507 lb-ft of torque
01stscam1.jpg  01stscam2.jpg  01stscam1.jpg  01stscam4.jpg
01stscam5.jpg  01stscam6.jpg  01stscam7.jpg  01stscam8.jpg
01stscam9.jpg  01stscam10.jpg  01stscam11.jpg