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2004 GTO 5.7L FIPK Air Induction Package, K & N

2004 GTO 5.7L FIPK Air Induction Package, K & N

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Product Description:

2004 GTO 5.7L V8 K & N FIPK Air Induction Package-63 Series Intake Kits or AirChargerå¨ Intakes are built for many different vehicles and represent a dramatic improvement over a K&N O/E replacement filter alone. They enjoy a faster speed to market than K & N's 57 Series kits due to their pending CARB status. These intakes use only non-metallic rotationally molded tubes that can reduce intake air temperature and decrease intake sound over a metal tube. Restriction can exist BETWEEN an air filter and the engine reducing the benefit of a K&N Air Filter. The weakest link in the airflow "chain" robs a vehicle of its natural horsepower. Often that weak point is the factory air path leading to the Engine. K&N Air Intake Kits virtually eliminate air path restriction by replacing the air filter and the entire air path to the engine. The aerodynamically engineered tube drives a massive amount of air into an engine, which translates into POWER. 63 Series Intake Kits are not legal for street use in some U.S. states.

Estimated Horsepower Gain: 18.54 HP @ 5818 RPM

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