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4psi Hobbs Pressure Switch & Interface Harness, Racetronix

4psi Hobbs Pressure Switch & Interface Harness, Racetronix

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HPS-4 / HIH-001
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Product Description:

Racetronix 4psi Hobbs Pressure Switch & Interface Harness

The HPS- Series switch is specifically designed to stand up to extended duty applications. This switch is factory set but capable of field adjustment. It features a Kapton diaphragm for compatibility with a wide variety of fluids, and a Metri-Pack connector that forms a tight seal when connected. Among the outstanding design benefits are its durable construction, compact size, and enhanced set point integrity.

Type: Direct action blade contact
Normally open contacts
Contact made when switch reaches set pressure
Contacts: Silver alloy, gold plated
Contact Ratings:
Resistive: 15 AMP- 6 VDC, 8 AMP- 12 VDC, 4 AMP- 24 VDC
Inductive: 1 AMP- 120 VAC, 0.5 AMP- 240 VAC
Diaphragm: Polyimide film
Temperature Range: -40° F to + 250° F
Connector: 1/8 -27 NPT male thread
Base: Plated Steel

The pressure switch is designed to operate with air, motor oils, transmission oils, jet fuels and other similar hydrocarbon media.

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