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93-97 Camaro/Firebird LT1 Clutch Steel Flywheel, RAM

93-97 Camaro/Firebird LT1 Clutch Steel Flywheel, RAM

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RAM 1554
5.00 (in)
15.00 (in)
15.00 (in)
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Product Description:

Camaro/Firebird 93-97 LT1 RAM Clutch Steel Flywheel,
Cast flywheels are not explosion-proof and can be dangerous when used in high performance applications at higher rpm. RAM billet steel flywheels are recommended as replacements for factory-cast flywheels in high performance and racing vehicles. They're better for launching heavier drag race cars and provide better drivability in street vehicles. SFI-approved, RAM billet steel flywheels are CNC-machined from certified materials, and friction surfaces are Blanchard-ground parallel to the crankshaft mounting flange for minimum runout and optimum clutch engagement.

Technical note: As they spin, heavy flywheels store more energy than lighter ones. Engine and gearing combinations that require more power or inertia to make the car launch without bogging the motor need heavier flywheels. However, heavier flywheels accelerate slower. Lighter flywheels create less inertia at launch, but accelerate quicker through the gears. When choosing a flywheel, you must consider the car's weight, operating rpm of the engine, and, most importantly, the gearing. Insufficient gearing will cause an engine with too light of a flywheel to "bog" on launch.

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