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2005-2006 GTO 3.5" 1 piece Aluminum 1000HP Driveshaft

2005-2006 GTO 3.5" 1 piece Aluminum 1000HP Driveshaft

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Availability:Custom built per order. Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.
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Product Description:

GTOSH2 1000HP 1-Piece Aluminum Driveshaft

Now with a direct fit rear flange, eliminates the billet aluminum adapter plate!!!!!

The 3.5" aluminum single piece driveshaft is a direct bolt-on system. Most driveshafts available for the GTO platform require the rear flange to be removed from the diff, the problem with this is that the differential is a crush collar type, and the preload on the nut sets the pinion depth to make sure the rear gears have the proper engagement. What DSS has done is made a 7075-T6 aluminum conversion flange that will bolt directly to the 3 finger flange on the rear But now has Helicoils in the threaded section of the billet plate(same style they make for the 1000HP Supra shafts). This eliminates the need to have a professional set the pinion lash on the differential. Just unbolt the factory 2 piece shaft, install the 1-piece shaft with the included hardware and go. The only necessary modification is the tip of the rear seatbelt bolt that protrudes into the driveshaft tunnel must be ground down to provide adequate clearance for the driveshaft. Changing the shaft in this car is perhaps one of the most noticeable performance enhancements you can do as the car will have better throttle response and feel smoother overall. Not only is it lighter but the hanger bearing on the factory driveshaft moves up and down violently when the car is being driven hard. This action is not only dangerous but robs the drive train of power. Capable of 997lb of torque based on shock factor of 3.5 .

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