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2005-2006 GTO Driveshaft Flex Disc Bushing

2005-2006 GTO Driveshaft Flex Disc Bushing

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Product Description:

Many are under the assumption that the GTO driveshafts are not serviceable.
If you went to a GM dealer, you'll find out they aren't.

However, we are telling you they are! Why spend $1,000 on a new GM shaft or even an aftermarket one piece that is always vibrating. Fix your original driveshaft for under $250!

The center support bearing is perhaps the most common wear item on the GTO. Instead of replacing the entire shaft, you can just slip on a new bearing to bring it back to a factory feel.

The flex discs are what bolt to both ends of the driveshaft; one to the transmission and one to the rear.
2 are needed per car. These often get brittle and crack. 04 discs are different than 05-06. This is for the 2005-2006 GTO.

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