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'Hawks Tuah' Camshaft 214/224 .550/.550 108+2

'Hawks Tuah' Camshaft 214/224 .550/.550 108+2

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Product Description:

'Hawks Tuah' Camshaft 214/224 .550/.550 108+2


Introducing the Hawks Tuah! This is a nasty little cam. If you're looking for a mean, aggressive sound, and performance that will leave spectators moist...this is it! Lube is included, or you can just spit on that thing.

Designed to work with LS6 valve springs and a factory torque converter. 

  • Engines best suited for: 4.8, 5.3, 5.7, 6.0 (Equipped with cathedral port heads)
  • Desired Compression ratio for cam: 9.5:1+
  • Recommended Springs Required: GM LS6 Beehive Valve Springs
  • No Aftermarket Stall Converter Required: Factory converter friendly!
  • Upgraded Rear Gear Required: No
  • Operating RPM Range: 1200-6500
  • Power Increase: Under testing it gained 67hp and 26ft lbs of torque at the crank
  • Driveability: Great driveability with an amazing chop!


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