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82-2002 Camaro/Firebird 12 Bolt Moser Bolt-In Rear End Assembly

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Camaro/Firebird 82-2002 12 Bolt Moser Bolt-In Rear End Assembly

This is a Moser Engineering 12-bolt Rearend Assembly. Does not include brakes. 82-92 Camaro/Firebird must install LT1 style brakes.
Includes the following:

  • 12 Bolt Housing 
  • M/E Custom Alloy Axles in 30 or 33 Spline
  • Wheel Bearings
  • Wheel Studs
  • Retainer plates
  • Posi Unit, True Trac or Spool (whichever is preferred)
  • Pro Street gears
  • 1310 series pinion yoke (1350 is available but extra)
  • Chrome cover (has no drain plug) or Performance cover w/ Drain Plug
  • Add for 3 channel ABS setup  or  4 channel ABS setup
  • Add for new exciter rings installed on axles for 4 channel setup 


Moser Engineering prides itself in quality components made for the high demands of performance racing. Moser's GM 12 Bolt is no different. Moser's GM 12 Bolt is the strongest replacement 12 Bolt on the market. The newly cast nodular iron housing unit is a direct replacement rear end for most leaf spring, coil spring and torque arm 12 Bolt General Motors OEM applications. The extremely durable housing unit has giant caps utilizing half inch Allen bolts, and may include a complete differential, perches, and brackets. Consumers also have the choice of axles with pressed on bearings, or OEM style c-clip axles with c-clip retention. The units can be set up for anti-lock brakes and work with many OEM GM brake setups. Utilizing new housing ends adds to the simplicity and ease of installation, which is unparalleled in the industry. Call or email for shipping quotes. Most shipping ranges from $150.00-$250.00 depending on the state. ( US Continent only.)

Posi Unit- Moser Steel Spool, True Trac Limited Slip (Add $150.00), Eaton Posi Unit(Add $150.00)

Spline Count- 30 Spline, 33 Spline (Add $65.00)

ABS 3 Channel or 4 Channel- None (82-92 Only), 3 Channel ABS (93-2002 without TCS, Add $175.00), 4 Channel ABS (93-2002 with TCS, reusing OEM reluctor rings, Add $100.00), 4 Channel ABS (93-2002 with TCS, new reluctor rings, Add $175.00)

Wheel Studs- 12mm OEM Length Stock Style, 12mm Long Wheel Studs

Gear Ratio- 3.08, 3.42, 3.73, 4.11, 4.30, 4.56

Center Cover- Standard Chrome Cover , Performance Aluminum Cover with Drain Plug (Add $135.00)

Color- Bare Unpainted Steel, Powdercoated Flat Black (Add $200.00), Powdercoated Semi-Gloss Black (Add $200.00), Powdercoated Gloss Black (Add $200.00)

Sway Bar Brackets- No Sway Bar Brackets, Stock OEM Style Brackets welded on (Add $50.00)

Lower Control Arm Relocation Brackets- Standard Control Arm Brackets, Add Lower Control Arm Relocation Brackets

Brakes- 82-92 Using Factory Drum Brakes, 82-92 Optional LT1 Rear Disc Brakes (Add $250.00)(please note you cannot use stock 82-92 Disc Brakes), 93-2002 Using Factory Disc Brakes, 93-2002 Using Aftermarket Brake Ki
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